Saturday, October 4, 2008

For Today - October 4, 2008 - Saturday

Outside My Window
Still dark outside as it's 3:00 AM.

I am thinkingthat today is going to be rather busy with Juan coming over at 8 AM to help with yard work. Speaking of - my legs, arms & hands are covered with scratches from working around roses and hollies. A lot was done . . . every now and again I'd come inside to cool off . . . but most of the day was spent outside.

I am thankful forJuan coming today! And Murray taking over cooking evening meals. He makes the best guacamole.

From the kitchen . . . total and complete quiet. The house is pretty quiet at 3 AM!

I am wearingthat chenille robe. Some people have comfort food. I have a comfort robe.

I am creating . . . a Week In My Life. The above photos were taken yesterday. The bird is one of many in the rose bush outside room. I think he's a Flicker. There's Shiloh, snoozing right outside room. That's where he stays when I'm in here.

I am goingto tidy bedroom, guest room & kitchen den. I'm sure it'll take less than an hour. BTW - got tidied yesterday. It looks soooo much better. Will be ready to start putting together Week In My Life album next week. At least that's the plan.

I am reading Ali Edwards blog

I am hopingto get a lot done today . . . as soon as I get off computer 'cause Juan will be here at 8.

I am hearingcomputer making lots of of noises. . .it's going through virus scan. And clock ticking.

Around the housea lot of quiet. Even Shiloh is quiet. Usually he wakes up all hyper and ready to play. He did get up with me. . . but I think he's now back to sleep. Let me go check. Yep - it's just like that picture . . .he's outside door.

One of my favorite things
The early morning quiet. It's nice. No phones. No TV. No radio.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The continue photographing our day . . . continue pulling weeds. . . prepare children's Sunday School lesson. I don't think I told Amanda I was substituting for the regular teacher. This Sunday & next.

Something you may not know about me
. . . I have a husband who's very good about putting down the toilet seat. . .but NOT the toilet lid. I also have a dog who likes to drink from the toilet. I don't know who will be easier to train: hubby or doggy. Any bets?

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