Thursday, October 23, 2008

For Today - October 24, 2008 - Friday

Outside My Window...chilly & foggy, but can tell it will soon be lifting.

I am thinking...that today will be special with David & Amanda here.

I am thankful for... their safe arrival at 11:50 PM & our subsequent visit until 1:30 AM. I'm also thankful for flowers still blooming & the ability to make a few bouquets for the house. These are in breakfast room, which is sometimes referred to as the "kitchen den".

From the kitchen . . .Lots of produce & coffee. All the stuff waiting for me to make vegetable lasagna. Yummy - a favorite for all of us.

I am wearing well, since it's so very chilly, I'm wearing a gown AND the chenille robe & socks.

I am goingto walk Shiloh a couple of times today.

I never did make that quick trip to town yesterday, so will do that today too.

FINALLY start organizing the room. Oh my. What a mess it will really be. I have so much stuff to take out, rearrange & put back. Will toss a lot too, I suppose.

I am reading ...Acts & still in "Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret"

I am hopingto make good progress in "that" room.

I am hearingBirds in the roses. There's a male cardinal in there w/all the sparrows & flickers. I wish I had the zoom lens on the camera.

Around the house…Chilliness. And quiet. Shiloh was so excited last night to have Promise & Tansy here for a visit, that he stayed up late, too. Silly old dog . . . he's still asleep in our bedroom.

One of my favorite thingsSpending time with my awesome children.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....They've pretty much stayed the same:
David & I do some yard work & very minor home repair; major cooking tomorrow; maybe shopping with Amanda to our favorite store: Cato; & church on Sunday.

Something you may not know about me. . .one of my favorite words is "serendipity". That's how I feel about the top of the armoire, it all came together with stuff that's normally around the house. Nothing is special for Autumn, except for the pumpkin cookie jar.

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