Friday, October 3, 2008

For Today - October 3, 2008 - Friday

Outside My Window… Black, black, black. It's dark outside, baby.

I am thinkingDH should have let me known, when he knew, that pastor & wife are coming over Saturday. I'm also thinking I "really" need to try on shirt that hubby washed in WARM water to see if it still fits.

I am thankful forCharlotte going to eye doctor with parents. Now we know for certain that dad's eye problems are very serious indeed. He has very aggressive macular degeneration in right eye and is almost blind in left eye because of glaucoma. He will start monthly procedure next wek to slow down deterioration. The drug alone is $2K. Can you believe it? Procedure costs $180 (is that right, C?) Fortunately covered by insurance.

I'm also thankful that Juan will come help me do yard work on Saturday. Yippee! I will pull the weeds (I don't really trust an yone else NOT to pull up a perennial or day lily, etc.), but he'll haul the cart to the chicken coop & compst. He'll do the weed eating. He'll prune trees. He'll use the leaf blower to clean off porches & cobblestone walkway. (It really is gorgeous...I'll have to post a pix some day). Anyway - I feel like Martha Stewart, having a yardman at my beck and call. Soooo much better than a cabana boy! ; )

From the kitchen...
coffee maker making morning noises. I think he's protesting having to work so early.

I am wearingchenille robe. . . bare feet.

I am creatinga weed free zone in gardens & in turn, a mighty fine compost diner for the hens.

I am going to tidy room while it's too dark outside to garden. During the early morning, the view from the window looks like photo on top.

I am reading Ali Edwards blog. And Stacy Julian too.

I am hopingthat daddy's expensive (and maybe painful) macular degeneration treatment helps save the little vision he has. That my back & knees don't give out with all the gardening. Knees were aching last night. It may seem that Murray & I are falling apart. It is just an illusion. We are really as young as we were when first married. Just ask us ; )

I am hearingnews people giving me their opinion of last night VP debate. I really don't care what they think. And I know their opinion is NOT news. It's an opinion. And you know the old saying about those.

Around the houseOK - I've done all that griping about this messy house. Here's the lowdown: kitchen, kitchen den, living room & guest room can be tidied in about an hour. - hmm - maybe just under an hour. Bedroom: 30-45 minutes. Dining Room: a little longer 'cause we still have to rehang that ginormous clock. It got moved when armoire was moved in. Hopefully Murray & I can deal with it this evening. If not . . . oh well!

One of my favorite thingsmotivation. And I get motivated when there's time pressure. I hate to say it - but I move fastest when I feel the pressure!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...continue photographing our day . . . continue pulling weeds...wash quilt Debby made me...tidy rest of house,

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