Thursday, October 23, 2008

For Today - October 23, 2008 - Thursday

Outside My Window...dark & 45 degrees with a predicted high of 67. Love it! Roses (Mutabalis, Belinda's Dream, Caldwell Pink, Bengal & a wee bit of Ballerina) are blooming, as well as the Mexican leucantha, Brazillian Buttons, Duranta, ruellia and mums. They don't bloom as prolifically as in the Spring . . . but they put on a pretty good show for this time of year.

I am thinking...that today will be busy with that bustling, "excitement is in the air" type of busy.

I am thankful for... a pretty good night's sleep. Yes, I woke up a couple of times, but was able to fall right back to sleep. Yay!

From the kitchen . . .Scrambled egg whites w/ff cheese on low-carb tortilla. Oh and coffee. And an apple or some ot her piece of fruit. This breakfast stays with me all morning. It's becoming a favorite. Oh - and the smell of potatoes baking. That'll be lunch. And in the meantime warms the kitchen.

I am wearingjeans, tee shirt & shoes. Will take Shiloh walking shortly after daybreak.

I am goingto walk Shiloh a couple of times today. He really likes it & we have a good time together. I will also need to make a quick trip to town to run a couple of errands. I'll need to stew a chicken; make that butternut squash soup we're so fond of; and begin working in the,. A complete redo of a small room with LOT and LOTS of stuff in it. Whew! What a job!

I am reading ...Acts & still in "Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret"

I am hopingthe G'ma trip to Dallas will actually happen.

I am hearingBath water running; printer humming; dairy truck coming up the road.

Around the house…Excitement in the air. This house is also fond of autumn.

One of my favorite thingsThe changes between seasons.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....this hasn't changed since yesterday. Still need to make that lst of chores for David to do...Wednesday: write Miss U work...Thursday: get ready for AME & DAE...bake favorite vegetarian lasagna...Friday: Hopefully put David to work rehanging shutters that Ike blew off & trimming Hollies.'s hard to plan too much for him 'cause they always sleep in so late when glad they get good rest. Saturday: Jeremy comes back to help w/chicken coop roof repair...& lots of cooking for church's homecoming on Sunday; Sunday: Church!

Something you may not know about me. . .Although I love autumn I do very little decorating. A sign out front & an arrangement on the hall tree and that's about it. Of course there's the permanent display of insects, pine cones, bird and wasp nests, rocks & shells. Somehow they look particularly autumnal to me. And the dripping wet spider web picture looks kinda' "Octoberish" to me. Can't beat nature for decorating!

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