Thursday, October 2, 2008

For Today - October 2, 2008 - Thursday

Outside My WindowThose sparrows chirping & the chimney swifts flying all around. They live in our (duh) chimney and therefore don't ever have crackling fires during the cold weather. There a mirror at the back & kerosene lamps in there to give a beautiful glow . . . more no crackling fire. Why would we choose to board it up just so the birds can live there? Well, there's really quite a colony/flock of them now. This has been going on for years. Chimney Swifts eat mosquitoes. I dislike mosquitoes. I dislike mosquitoes more than I dislike having a roaring, crackling fire the couple of weeks out of the year when the weather is actually cold enough to build a fire. I dislike mosquitoes all year long.

I am thinkingthat Shiloh (photo #2) & I will spend lots of time outside today, pulling weeds, carting to chickens. The compost pile is in the chicken yard. Photo #1 They kind of speed up the process. Besides that - we couldn't agree on a place outside the chicken yard to put it! Saw the idea at MC & decided that's what we need to do.

I am thankful forsome of the parents' mystery being solved. At least for the time being. Photo #3

From the kitchen...dishwasher running & a butternut squash waiting to be dinner tonight.

I am wearingwhite capris. I now have two pairs & will be wearing white capris twice as often. I wanted you to know that so you wouldn't think I never change clothes. Black shirt. Speedo flip flops.

I am creatinga day in the week album. And a new calendar page...for October. Yeah - I'm a day late. I use the Real Simple Calendar, which comes blank . . .you have to write in the months & dates. It's totally blank and fun to "scrapbook" each month. Sometimes it's doesn't get very much embellishment nor adornment & is really plain. That's okay too.

I am goingto work out in the yard after calling Charlotte & parents.

I am reading Ali Edwards blog. And Stacy Julian too.

I am hopingtoday is uneventful. I happen to like uneventful. And a bit of boring would be nice every now and again too. Excitement is highly over rated.

I am hearingThose sparrows. I bet in the future it will be easy for a non-techie person like me to add sound to a blog. Those sparrows are really enjoying this cool morning.

Around the housestill a mess. If you would walk in, you would focus on the messes because they're so "out there". But there's lots of bits & pieces of art, beauty, & creativity. That's what I'm trying to focus on, 'cause there isn't time to take care of ALL the messes.

One of my favorite thingsthose chirping birds. They sound so happy. And busy.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...continue photographing our day . . . continue pulling weeds...make phone calls for parents...wash quilt Debby made me.

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