Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For Today - October 7, 2008 - Tuesday

Outside My WindowA light, drizzling rain. Kinda' muggy. Very cloudy. Nice.

I am thinkingthat I slept hard last night. Took CoQ10 in the evening. Slept a solid 5 hours, woke up for an hour & went back to sleep until 7, when M's phone rang. I think I would have slept even later if it weren't for that phone call. Maybe t he rain helped sleep better?

I am thankful forrain 'cause I was going to have to water plants if we didn't get some soon. Of course I don't know how much it rained . . . I'm thinking not much . . . but haven't checked the rain gauge yet to be sure.

From the kitchen . . . coffee & oatmeal.

I am wearingoh - you ought to know by now!

I am creating . . . some type of album for "A Week in My Life". I really, like the collage from yesterday & might just print 7 of them for each day and scrapbook them and be done with it. Just haven't made up my mind.

I am goingto prepare for WW meeting. Sort through printed photos. "Maybe" make more collages.

I am reading Ali Edwards blog & Stacy Julian, too.

I am hopingthat all turns out well for Kevin.

I am hearingclock ticking & fan whirring.

Around the houselaundry waiting to be done; but mainly an air of laziness.

One of my favorite things
Laziness ; )

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....continue planning scrapbook...prepare WW meeting. . . make WW sale signs. . . compile & enter WW order. . . plan dinner for tonight - I think soup would be good. Or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Something you may not know about me
. . . I started wearing HARD plastic contact lenses in 1963.

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